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Providing specialised
solutions and expert

Tegra provides specialised solutions and expert services, combining our vast experience with the technologies of trusted and established software providers. Integrating solutions and transferring data for over 20 years, Tegra has a sound appreciation of our customers' needs and challenges. Our solutions and service portfolios are tailored to this market in terms of functionality, affordability, cost, and serviceability.

Our highly skilled team is ready to assist you in an era of rapid acceleration of digital transformation, increasing volumes of file transfers, increased file sizes, a multitude of protocols, and ever-greater cybersecurity risks. Our mandate is to spare you endless crisis management and, of course, unexpected expenditure.

Tegra offers its solutions on a subscription (Software as a Service, or SAAS) or on an ownership and on-premises installation basis. Our subscription service is enabled through our certified hosted service infrastructure and provides significant cost efficiencies that result from economies of scale. Tegra's team of engineers is trained and, where applicable, certified by our partners in order to undertake the installation and customisation of their solutions. This means they have the skills that can be deployed to international specifications (ISO 27001) and meet the most rigorous compliance requirements.

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